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The Vetivers are

Paul Solecki: vocals, guitar, keyboards, accordion, concertina, mandolin, ukulele, harmonica, banjo, bass, red pepper, matches, fiddle, Ben Champion
Paul's official web site

Ben Champion: drums, cajon, pots and pans, orange juice, playing cards, vocals, Clyde Kim

The Vetivers Hall of Fame

Jon Clark: bass, guitar, vocals (2005)
The Official Jon Clark web site

Clyde Kim: bass, guitar, vocals (2001-2002)
The Official Clyde Kim web site

Jimmy March: guitar, vocals (1998-2001)
The Official Jimmy March web site

Jim Kelly: bass, guitar, vocals (2000-2001)
Jim's weblog thing

Patrick Danko: bass, guitar, vocals (1997-2000)

Vetivers Creations

Cypher An online comic by Clyde Kim (sorry, no gratuitous sex)

Tales of the Vetivers The erotic, thrilling adventures of The Vetivers when they are not on stage, by Clyde Kim. Loosely based on the Lord of the Rings.

Why Wouldn't You Send It? Clyde's movie, based on his own life. Former Vetiver Jimmy March is in it, as well as 37 gellons of fake(?) blood. Look for it under a similar name.

Friends of The Vetivers

Jonathan Ramsey A great singer of Irish songs, even though he's never even been!  One of the favorite opening acts for the Vetivers over the years.

Meep A very good band that Paul met when they played at Adrian's Cafe.  Buy their CDs after you buy the Vetivers CDs!

Mechanical Art Shannon and Dan have their own unique store, make sure you visit their web site!

Marte Nathalie She lives in Oslo, Norway and mentioned The Vetivers on her web site, which used to also be named after the song "Find The River."

Mad Penguin Bloke Thing Clyde met Andrew "Rew" Parsons from Norwich, England, through the odd subculture of comics on the internet. He's got a nice web site featuring great animated comics starring a penguin!

The Trombone Troubadours Featuring Chris Widga, who did the trombone solo for Paul's archaeology song Dig Me Up. Catch them next Christmas at a nursing home near you (if you live in Nebraska!)

UCC Mountaineering Club Paul's big thrill on Sundays if he wakes up on time.

Martin Fuchs Paul's friend from Switzerland who is an expert on cheese and can make delicious snacks from types of underwear!

Musicians The Vetivers Look Up To

Badly Drawn Boy A great musician with an amazing web site.

Bud and Travis Paul and Jim are huge fans of this late 50's/early 60's duet. They're the Carnivorous Grass of an earlier generation!

David Byrne The former leader of the Talking Heads has a new album out!
here is the best unofficial site

Evan Dando The guy from the Lemonheads, of course.

Damien Dempsey One of Paul's favorite recent discoveries.

Bob Dylan He's written a few good songs over the years.

Art Garfunkel Paul loves Art!

Sinead O'Connor One of Paul's new inspirations. Clyde hates her, though.

The Proclaimers Paul and Clyde are huge fans after attending their concert.

The Red Elvises A new favorite of Paul's. They inspired The Vetivers to dress more interesting at their concerts!  Ben even bought a CD!

R.E.M. A favorite of all The Vetivers and one of the best bands in the world.
here is the best unofficial site

Paul Simon The entire band loves his latest CD, You're the One.

Teenage Fanclub One of Paul's favorite bands, perhaps the best ever. They're from Glasgow, Scotland!

Neil Young One of Paul's musical heroes.

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