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  The Final Gig DVD (Jul 17 2008)
At our last gig, we promised our fan(s) that the DVD of our final gig, a free gift to all who attended the farewell concert, will be ready in September 2007. Well, in true Great Egress fashion... it's a bit late. It's ready now though! We've contacted everyone on the list about getting their copy to them, but we haven't heard back from a few. So if you were there and haven't heard from us please email Paul at paulsolecki at gmail dot com.

The Great Egress of The Great Egress (May 28 2007)
The Great Egress have performed their final gig together, and bassist Jon Clark has left Ireland. The band is currently looking forward to the dvd of their farewell gig, which will be distributed to everyone who attended the farewell concert. The dvd is set for a September release, and you can keep up to date with the progress here. The band would like to thank everyone who attended our gigs throughout the two years we played together, and look forward to entertaining you again soon in our next creation...

European Vacation! (Aug 10 2006)
Like Chevy Chase, The Great Egress is going to Europe for vacation in August! The band members can be seen around Europe during their vacation, with the exception of Paul who just came back from the US, after succesful solo gigs in New York and Kansas City. The band will continue playing live in September with gigs at the Tikki Lounge and Beamish Festival.

Mailing list fixed! (Aug 10 2006)
As always there have been a few glitches with the new site. If you haven't received a confirmation email from The Great Egress mailing list, please send us your address again.

Studio Greatness! (Jul 17 2006)
The recordings of a new demo EP for The Great Egress are on their way! According to unconfirmed sources within the band the songs will be the greatest they've ever produced, with songs from all 3 songwriters. Once tracks are recorded they'll be available for download here, so watch this space!

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The Great Egress On Myspace!
(Jul 17 2006)
It's the world's favourite website in terms of downloads and there are about a hundred million members, and heaps of bands have rocked themselves to stardom using it to promote their music. Now it's the time for The Great Egress. Show your support and become our friend, we like our friends! All band members have also their own Myspace sites too, with Paul and Jon sporting solo material. Check it out!

New Website Launched!
(Jul 17 2006)
This is it, ladies and gentlemen, the new and improved The Great Egress website! The website was designed by the band's notorius drummer Kalle. Feel free to look around! If you have any feedback, whether if it's positive, negative, constructive or speculative, please email The Great Egress at The site will be updated in the future with a weblog!
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